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India's Most Result-Oriented And Cost Effective Virtual metaMBA.

We are creating an immersive learning experience for students around the world. Learn with your peers in a social setting and belong to a community. Experience the classroom from your couch.

Limited seats

60 students only

16 weeks

40 hrs/week, full time

May 12 ,2022

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Key higlights

Get 1:1 Mentorship from Industry Leaders
Advance your career with 360° Career Support
Group Coaching Sessions
Mentorship Calls
Access to premium Invact Alumni Network
Industry-driven Capstone Project
20+ case studies
Timely doubt resolution and discussion forums
Personalized Career Counselling
EMI Option

Course Specialisation


Great Startups Deserve Great Marketers. Get Your Dream Marketing Job With metaMBA



It Takes Years to Break Into a Product Role. With metaMBA, It Only Takes 4 Months


Get placed at high growth companies

Invact Mentors

Anshumani Ruddra

Product Management

Group Product Manager, Google, ex Hotstar, Cuemath, Practo, IIT Madras B Tech

Amlan Chakravarty

Business Analytics

Senior Data Consultant, Tenjin, ex Fidelity, Enquero, Brillio, Mu Sigma, IIM Calcutta MBA

Manish Maheshwari

Marketing & Entrepreneurship

Founder, Invact Metaversity CEO &
Teacher-in-Chief, ex Twitter

Abhishek Kochhar

Sales & Business Development

Marketing Strategy, Jivox, early Byju's,

Anukriti Singh

Business Operations

Innovation Strategy, Reckitt, ex ADEO, Cognizant, Tesco, Insead MBA

Kushagra Tyagi

Social Media Marketing

Platform Specialist, Apple, ex Twitter,

Prashant Somani

Economics & Corporate Finance


Subha Chatterjee

Content Marketing

ex Network18,
ex CNBC TV18,  LSE M.A

Ankita Tripathi

Business Communication

Technical Writer, Google Season of Docs, ex Insider, The Good Docs, Swiggy, Unbxd, Scaler, Arista

Anukriti Singh

Strategy & Negotiation

Innovation Strategy, Reckitt, ex ADEO, Cognizant, Tesco, Insead MBA

Industry Titans As Guest Lecturers

Kunal Shah

Founder & CEO at

Vijay  Sharma

Founder & CEO at

Sanjay Gupta

Country Head
at Google India

Prabhjeet Singh

President at
Uber India & South Asia

Shradha Sharma

Founder & CEO at
YourStory Media

Abhijit Bose

Head of India
at WhatsApp

Lakshmi Potluri

CEO at DCF Ventures &
Cofounder at Jabong

Upasana Taku

Co-Founder at
MobiKwik & Zaakpay

Deepali Naair

India & SouthAsia

Anurakt Jain

Co-founder &
CEO at Klub

Ankush Sachdeva

Cofounder & CEO
at ShareChat & Moj

Gayatri Yadav

CMO India & SEA at
Sequoia Capital

Janhavi Parikh

Head at MX TakaTak &
Ex-Head at Vistaprint India

Ashish Hemrajani

Founder & CEO at

Gulshan Verma

CEO at

Naveen Tewari

Founder & CEO at
InMobi Group

Sairee Chahal

CEO at Sheroes & Mahila Money

Lalit Keshre

CEO at

Neha Ahuja

Head of Marketing at

Anita Rehman

Partner at Global Silicon Valley Stanford Alum

Rajan Anandan

Managing Director at
Sequoia Capital & Surge

Anjali Bansal

Founder at Avaana Capital & Chairperson at Dena-Bank of Baroda

Sunil Asnani

Founder & Managing Partner at First Principles Funds

Vani Kola

Founder & Managing Directorat Kalaari Capital

But, why Invact?

Industry needs have evolved. MBA program need a revamp too. Demonstrable work matters more than grades.

Crafted by
an Ivy Leaguer

Capturing all the knowledge and learnings from the best MBA school bundled into this one program.

Taught by the
MBA Titans

Learn business from someone who has dug deep and done it. Someone who has built teams, products, and has dominated markets.


Learn only what is necessary, relevant, and required on the job. Learn on the go. Improvise later.

Curated by Indian
Industry Experts

If you have to be Indian-market-fit, what better than to have those learnings from the market experts themselves?

Grow, the Invact way

How classes will be conducted and what we have in mind

Live Classes

Let's agree on this: Recorded lectures are boring and one-sided. Exactly why Instagram lives are more engaging than an IGTV video. We apply the same at Invact: Interactive classes in our Metaversity will blow you away.

Guest Lectures

Need insider news from the ecosystem? Prepare yourself for a stellar lineup of foundersprofessionals. Tune in to hear the strategy that worked, directly from the people who developed and deployed it.

Case Studies

You learn better when you read about other businesses, identify the pitfalls, and study their growth ladder. You get access to all the prominent case studies with Invact.

Role Play

Every transaction needs two parties. Understand how to create a win-win situation by being on both sides of the table.

Peer Review

Share your work with your peers from the cohort groups to get an unbiased assessment of your work.


60% of every module is dedicated to the application of your learning. You learn, you create, you get feedback, and you grow.


Course structure


Business Communication

Learning Outcomes
  • Draft templates for different types of communication
  • Create a Product Storyline

  • Draft personalised cold emails

  • Create outlines for emails, summaries, and reports

  • Narrate a story through your CV
Proof of Work
  • As a founder of a cryptocurrency business, write an email or a structured memo to inform your customers regarding the latest tax regulation by the Indian govt.

  • You are the Marketing head of a leading travel company. To raise funds, you need to make a presentation defining your numbers, ideas, and outcome for a VC.

Business Analytics

Learning Outcomes
  • Utilize Statistics as a tool to understand data and summarize information
  • Handle multiple datasets in Excel to combine information and derive insights

  • Develop a compelling story based on data using visuals and insights to provide recommendations
Proof of Work
  • Product-Hunt Exercise: Use the dataset provided to identify and recommend success levers for products on Product-Hunt.
  • Sales Performance of products on an E-commerce store: Use the dataset provided to build a product performance report of an e-commerce store.

  • CRM Data Exploration: Use the dataset provided to build a report on CRM activities for a firm.


Learning Outcomes
  • Generate customer insights
  • Make strategic marketing choices based on customer insights

  • Implement marketing choices through marketing campaigns
Proof of Work
  • Make an integrated marketing plan for the launch of a new product or service in the Indian market. The marketing plan at a bare minimum should include SWOT analysis, Marketing Research, Market Sizing, Segmentation, Targeting, Positioning and 4Ps.

Sales and BD

Learning Outcomes
  • Identify the importance of sales roles
  • Differentiate among different sales roles and between sales and marketing

  • Dissect the offering of a product/service into sellable features, benefits, and USPs

  • Write and deliver a sales pitch for a product/service

  • Operate a CRM tool and maintain a spreadsheet-based sales log

  • Convert a prospective lead to a customer through multiple touchpoints
Proof of Work
  • Pick a company operating in India. Pick one of their core offerings (core product or service) and create a sales plan for it.

Business Operations

Learning Outcomes
  • Perform operations management
  • Identify key operations strategies for competitive advantages

  • Discern operational strategies applied in Tech startups

  • Conduct demand forecasting

  • Create business process maps

  • Undertake capacity and constraint management

  • Perform supply chain management based on lean supply, inventory management, supply chain performance metrics, and new age marketplace models
Proof of Work
  • As a co-founder of a new chain of restaurants that has an online presence, provide a competitive strategy to differentiate your platform and design a process flow of your supply chain

  • You are part of the operations team at a major Consumer Product Marketplace. You are tasked with building a dashboard to track key KPIs of online performance


Learning Outcomes
  • Create a HR strategy using policy framework and code of ethics
  • Write a Job Description (JD) and conduct preliminary fitment screening of applicants.

  • Interpret the fundamentals of training, including the design, development, implementation, analysis, and evaluation of training programs.

  • Illustrate the guiding principles of compensation and benefits framework.

  • Defend diversity& inclusion at workplace and find actionable ways to implement best practices.

  • Design performance feedback mechanism by mapping KRAs and KPIs.

  • Conduct preliminary employee engagement feedback sessions by using objective feedback mechanisms to develop a high-performance workplace.

  • Craft a POSH compliance training class.

  • Apply conflict handling modes at the workplace to resolve employee conflicts by using a proven psychometric tool
Proof of Work
  • Craft a HR strategy for an IT network company enabling the firm to derive maximum yield from its people philosophy in the changing times.
  • Restructure the design principles and operating practices for an online retail firm to enhance its corporate environment and improve employee engagement.

Eco, Accounting, Finance

Learning Outcomes
  • Map the financial transactions on Income Statements and Balance Sheets.
  • Prepare a Cost sheet for a Product, conduct a Break Even Point analysis, make recommendations based on it.

  • Analyse the pricing model for a product/service based on Demand, Supply and Elasticity.

  • Conduct impact analysis on changes in Monetary and Fiscal Policy on different sectors.

  • Create a performance report based on the Income statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance sheet of a listed entity.

  • Apply Ratio analysis to compare the company's past performance and compare it with its peers.

  • Develop proforma financial statements and evaluate a project based on time value of money.

Proof of Work
  • Develop a Financial Research Report on a start-up which has gone for IPO in 2021.

Strategy and Negotiation

Learning Outcomes
  • Develop Strategic Thinking
  • Apply Strategic Tools and Frameworks

  • Build & sustain competitive advantage & profitability

  • Analyze strategic cases

  • Make recommendations through strategic assessments

  • Create a strategic business plan
Proof of Work
  • SuperSoda’s vice president of marketing has asked you to help analyze the major factors surrounding the launch of Electro-Light and its own internal capabilities to support the effort.

  • Pick an industry of your choice and create a strategic business plan to launch your startup. Clearly define the scope, market sizing, competitive advantage strategy and revenue projection.
WEEK 10 & WEEK 11

Product Management & Design Thinking

Learning Outcomes
  • Conduct User and market research: Analyze qualitative and quantitative inputs from market research and conceptualize a product (write a memo/ strategy document)
  • Pose the correct questions: Why should we build this product? Why would users care if we built this product?

  • Run a design sprint to come up with an MVP definition

  • Convert a design into a rugged Product Requirement Document

  • Use no-code tools and build a product

  • Launch after choosing a go-to-market strategy

  • Get 10/100 users for the product

  • Analyze the data

  • Build a plan to hit PMF

  • Build a growth and revenue plan for an existing product that has found product-market fit and is in its growth phase
Proof of Work
  • Write clear and concise memos and strategy documents
  • Write detailed product requirement docs (PRDs)
  • Work in teams
  • Build a real product


Learning Outcomes
  • Pose the correct questions: Why should you solve this problem? For whom are we solving this problem?
  • Assess the market

  • Build a solution

  • Discover the key financial decisions entrepreneurs must make in the early stages of a startup

  • Understand the process of raising capital and how to speak to investors
Proof of Work
  • Create a Business Model Canvas for a startup idea in a given industry

+4 Week Course Specialisation


Great Startups Deserve Great Marketers. Get Your Dream Marketing Job With metaMBA



It Takes Years to Break Into a Product Role. With metaMBA, It Only Takes 4 Months



Guest Lectures

Invact Metaversity brings industry titans to students

Kunal Shah

Founder & CEO at

Vijay  Sharma

Founder & CEO at

Sanjay Gupta

Country Head
at Google India

Prabhjeet Singh

President at
Uber India & South Asia



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