Guest Mentors to Kickstart your Product Journey

Upasana Taku

Co-Founder at
MobiKwik & Zaakpay

Ankush Sachdeva

Cofounder & CEO
at ShareChat & Moj

Janhavi Parikh

Head at MX TakaTak &
Ex-Head at Vistaprint India

Lalit Keshre

CEO at

Get placed at High Growth Product Companies

Traditional MBA  vs  metaMBA

Traditional MBA

  • Focuses on books, numbers, degrees, or paperwork.
  • Emphasizes on grades than ACTUAL work.
  • Lurks around without any practical knowledge.

Invact MBA (alt.) Programs

  • Market-fit: With products, we aim to make even our learners, Market-fit.
  • Proof of work: Literally, your actual work during the program will act as your portfolio.
  • Self-identity: You will learn to build your own persona personally and professionally

12 weeks General Management + 4 weeks Specialization in Product Management

Week 1 to Week 12

  • Week 1 - Business Communication
  • Week 2 - Business Analytics

  • Week 3 - Marketing

  • Week 4 - Sales and BD

  • Week 5 - Business Operations

  • Week  6 - HR

  • Week 7 & 8 - Eco, Accounting, Finance

  • Week 9 - Strategy and Negotiation

  • Week 10 & 11- Product Management & Design Thinking

  • Week 12 - Entrepreneurship

Week 13

  • Conduct User and market research: analyze qualitative and quantitative inputs from market research and conceptualize a product
  • Pose the correct questions: Why should we build this product? Why would users care if we built this product?

Week 14

  • Run a design sprint to come up with an MVP definition
  • Convert a design into a rugged Product Requirement Document

Week 15

  • Build and run experiments and analyze data

Week 16

  • Build a plan to hit product-Market Fit
  • Build a growth and revenue plan for an existing product that has found product-market fit and is in its growth phase

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