Metaversity Vision

Our Vision

The metaverse is a university with all the benefits of physical university but at a fraction of the price, enabling us to scale and teach billions. By building the most university-like space on the web, we aim to make education more experiential and affordable.

It is our belief that online learning shouldn't be a lonely and siloed experience on a website. It's time online learning gets its due. And deliver on the promise of quality education for all.

And thus Metaversity was created!

Why Metaversity?

Using the metaverse, students will experience a virtual world merged with the real world.

Take advantage of virtual reality, which comprises the vast majority of the university experience, including lectures, libraries, games, and community. Real-world meetups, once in a while, will make the metaverse pervasive and complete the experience.

Involvement in the community builds a strong network of alumni and fosters accountability. Metaversity will have a major impact on the completion rate of Invact courses. We will be a collaborative experience to have a social learning platform among their peer.

Metaversity will bring healthy peer pressure which will help students to excel in the program. After graduation, the community creates strong alumni network.